Linux Mint 15

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Linux Mint 15

  You may have heard popular Operating System like Windows, or Mac OS.  But there is another OS one should actually venture into which is Linux.  You may not be familiar with Linux, but if you’re hosting with us the server we’re running is Linux with Debian running.  Or if you’re an Android phone or tablet user, it uses the same kernel Linux is running on.  But there are a lot of types of Linux Distributions one can actually download and run, and Linux Mint is one of them.

  Previously I was running on Ubuntu and accidentally bumped into Linux Mint while I was trying to find out on how to write printer drivers for Linux.  And after finished downloading it last night, I went and gave it a test run using it’s live CD.  And my first impression with Linux Mint was that it was fast!  Maybe it was because I was using Ubuntu 12.04 for quite some time already, Linux Mint 15 “Olivia” is actually kinda smooth.  Not only that, if you noticed the layout of Linux Mint is kinda like Windows layout, and I can foresee that Windows users will not have any problems running trying to use this Linux distribution.  After using it for half a day, I’ve decided to install it onto my laptop along with my Windows 7 and Ubuntu OS.

  So after I completed installing Linux, the first snag I hit was that my wireless driver was missing.  Which I thought it was funny, because it was working perfectly well while I was using the Live CD.   So after doing some googling, this was what I got.  Firstly, what you need to do is run Terminal, and enter this code :-

sudo mintwifi

And it should return you with something like this as shown below.

Wifi Device

Wifi Device

As Linux Mint detected that I was using Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 Wireless Lan Controller, you can do the following steps as shown below.

1. Click Menu

2. Type Software Manager on the search bar and run it.

3. Inside Software Manager search for bcmwl-kernel-source, and install it.

Once I’ve completed that, I was able to connect to my router and pretty much carry on with my work as usual.  Anyway, running Linux is actually kinda fun, and it does get the job done.  Since Linux uses open source, for bigger companies you can actually save a lot on licensing fees which I will explain in more details probably in the next few post.  But never the less, here’s a screenshot of my current theme that I’m using on my Linux Mint.

My Linux Mint now looks like a Mac

My Linux Mint now looks like a Mac

If you want to find out how to install this theme, head over to this link here :- Mac OS X Theme for Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail/12.10/12.04/Linux Mint. Just to let you know, MAC is running on UNIX as well which is the same as Linux. But unfortunately we are not able to install apps from Mac to Linux, never the less there are quite a few good alternatives you search on the Internet. Anyway, have I will end my posting here for now. For more information on Linux Mint, head over to their website at

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