Linux Mint : Day 3

by T.T.E. Tech / Wednesday, 5 June 2013 / Published in LinuxLinux Mint

Linux Mint : Day 3

This is the 3rd day I’m running Linux Mint, and all I can say is that. It’s really fast, and easy to use. Apparently they really do keep their system as well as repository updated. I’m loving the Software Manager especially, whereby I was able to look for software such as Skype without much hassle compared to Ubuntu. And, they actually installed all the plugins you need to surf the web especially flash. As Ubuntu you may need to manually update it, but not with Linux Mint. So basically you get everything right out of the box, and can pretty much start using it already.

So far I have not ran into any other problems apart from the wifi problem during my last post. But never the less, I was able to get back to work without any hassle. Apart from the printer problem, which one reason why I couldn’t fully port over to Linux is because of that. Plus I have still yet to try doing audio and video editting on Linux. Considering the fact that most of the things are open source hence not many “good” software out there for Linux as of yet. But I do have a few options which I am willing to try later. For photo editor, GIMP is installed by default. It may not be Photoshop, but it does get the job done. May need to learn what are the short cut keys, but never the less it will be good to explore

Another issue I found with Linux Mint is the search engine it uses as default, which is either Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Amazon and Wikipedia. Main reason is that they are actually in partnership with these few search engines. Again since this is mostly free, I wouldn’t mind using the search engine which is set to them by default. If it helps bring in some revenue for them to create more great features, it’s all good! No doubt you can install other search engine as well in the browser, so it’s not a big issue if you at it.

Again, there are a lot of great Linux Distribution out there. It’s a matter of which one will suit you better. I think Linux came a long way, from the first time I used it. And it is really more user friendly compared to the earlier version. I’m currently downloading Zorin OS Lite version for my old Sony Vaio Laptop to see how well it runs. Currently that laptop is using Lubuntu, which is a light weight version for Ubuntu. So we shall see how it goes for the next few days. Again should you have any problems, do leave a comment below and I will try my best to help you solve it.

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