Why Linux?

by T.T.E. Tech / Friday, 7 June 2013 / Published in Linux

Why Linux?

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday regarding why the sudden interest in Linux. We actually went into Linux together years ago, while Ubuntu was version 8.04. Back then, I too shared the same difficulties as He was whereby he finds that it is impossible to use Linux. Plus there weren’t much games for this OS, and most of the games that were available were also games that he played during Windows 3.11. So what I did was I had burned another copy of Linux Mint for him to try it out (which is totally legal), and get back to me again the next few days to see what he has to say.

One reason why I decided to switch back to Linux is because the cost of hardware now is getting cheaper. I have always wanted to build a budget system that would simply cost less without the need to reduce the cost of hardware. And because this is 2013, I’ve decided to see how far has Linux improved over the last few years. The first system I tried was Ubuntu 12.04 because I downloaded it last year, but never had the system to install it. As my current laptop was still under warranty as I wouldn’t want to have any problems claiming if anything went wrong within those 2 years. My first impression of Ubuntu 12.04 was that it has became prettier, with the help of Unity. Which a lot of people does not seem to like it, and I do occasionally find it a bit hard to get by. Never the less, with a little tweak here and there I managed to make it look like a Mac System. So it was fun experimenting with changing the theme, and continue to work on it.

After I’ve updated to 13.04, I noticed that it seems faster compared to the previous version and I was pretty happy with it. So the test was that I let my wife tried it out, but she was still confused which is which and I knew it wasn’t a good sign. Coming from a Windows background, one may find it extremly difficult to get use with Linux. So I went and did a little search to see which system would actually be easier for Windows users to port over to Linux, and so I found out about Linux Mint and gave it a try. I’ve downloaded the Cinnamon version, and tested it out. It was indeed faster compared to Ubuntu and fell in love with it straight away.

Some more the layout they use is pretty similar to Windows, so I knew this would be the perfect system that can be used to try and move Windows users to Linux. So back to the wife test again, and this time she was able to navigate smoothly around the system. But still need to know what application is the one she needs to run. But overall, it wasn’t as difficult as Ubuntu so I believe if she can use it. Others should not have any problems running it as well.

Imagine the amount of cost you can save if you save on licensing fees. And you should be able to get the same office work done, without any problems. That is if you have no problem with your printer. But for now, I’m focusing more on using linux as a workstation. But there are also other distro that specifically focus on education, where they have a lot of education games for children which can be a great learning tools for them. But if you’re into gaming, good news is that there are games coming into Linux via Steam, and also their marketplace where you can download.

Anyway, this is only a brief intro on why I will be going to run Linux as my main system. Even though my laser printer is not supported as of yet, but I will try to come up with the driver for it hopefully soon, as that is the only reason why I couldn’t fully port over to Linux as of yet. Anyway, should you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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