About Us



Where it all began

T.T.E. Tech started off as a small Internet Webhosting company, which specifically provide webhosting as well as design back in 2008. We also provide technical support as well as computer sales as part of our services.


Trendy, Trustworthy and Efficient

Going with the motto of Trendy, Trustworthy and Efficient. In late 2009, we began to venture into Android mobile devices, where we provide service to port Windows Phones and turn them into Android Phones. In early 2010, we also imported and sold Android tablets in our company as we saw the huge potential on how Android would actually affect the community as a whole.


Moved to a new home!

In 2011, we’ve moved to a new home at Green Road, Kuching which we thought was appropriate as we’ve remain to the call by going Green for everything that we do. During this period of time we began to sell budgeted Android phones to the people around us, where we gave free classes on how to fully utilize their android phones on every purchase.



And in 2013, we have hit another new milestone by coming up with our very own e-commerce platform where we are able to help bring business online quicker and easier. And we hope that with this platform, everyone will be able to expand their businesses online.
T.T.E. Tech will continue to stay focused based on the motto of Trendy, Trustworthy and Efficient with the purpose to help the community to reach greater heights!

Our Services

    • E-Commerce
    • Sales & Services
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • SME Networking
    • Software Development
    • Web App Development
    • Web Hosting & Design

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